Jan 17

Cafe Hesed-NewMarket Ontario

Away from the maddening crowd on New Year’s Eve , We went for a leisurely drive towards Alongquin Park. We were in search of a cafe where we could relax and enjoy the ambience and experience some local and cross cultural culinary delights.

Cafe Hesed serves both Western and Korean cuisine with Bulgogi, Bibimap, Ramen and Kimchi Salad, it also offers hot chocolate, coffees, sandwich, bagels and soup.













Cafe Hesed Menu, a confluence of east and west. Bulgogi is a Korean dish of thin beef slices, marinated and grilled on a barbecue Bibimap is a bowl of white rice served with seasoned vegetables with raw or fried egg and sliced meat as accompaniment.



The charming and serene locality , 247 Main St S, New Market, Ontario, where this cafe is located.
A cozy and casual cafe with a homely ambience, I loved the lighting, the interiors with potted plants and decor which was simple and had a class of it’s own. The heartwarming interiors for an ideal getaway from any hustle and bustle.
The host and proprietor Joseph Chan with his guests. Mr.Chan has been running this cafe for over 11 years in the prime locality of New Market.
 Sandwiches, Salads, Panini, Bagels, Coffee, Bulgogi, Bibimap,Ramen and it goes on.
Slurping Hot Chocolate vs Sipping Espresso
Hesed” is a Hebrew word thoughtfully chosen for this cafe.
A Musical Affair to Muse with a Coffee in a Cafe during weekends.

Sep 04


Dust to Dust is my destiny
None bother about my identity
Trampled by souls I enlightened
The blackness which I whitened

I reminisced my glorious past
Unacknowledged till the last
Handpicked for a noble task
Alas, No one cared to ask

Armour, I pose as a tutor’s sword
Ardour, I am a blackboard bard
My profound palette of whirls and words
Were blindly copied by intellects and nerds

However when the last bell clanged
My noble self they trashed and banged
Trampled, Thrown and disrespected
By knowledgeable souls, I never expected

Men and Women, Oh, so naïve
I have enlightened in vain
Academic fraternity yours to pause
And pay your respect to my cause

Jul 24

Power Presentation skills

Feb 03



The focus group discussion was conducted at the department of management studies and research centre as part of the research study for the PhD program of Mrs Miriam George , Asst Professor in the Dept of Management and research Centre, CMR Institute Of Technology on September 07, 2015 from 2:00-3:00 pm for the topic “The Power of Package Visuals and Haptics: The effect on Brand Preferences and Brand Evaluation (A cross sectional study of FMCG products in Bangalore City)”.
The focus group included faculty of the department of MBA, CMR Group of Institutions. It included a two way focus group since other than the faculty the observers were MBA 3rd semester students whose role was to observe the entire discussion and come to the conclusion based on the discussion points. The discussion also included a display of cosmetic products at the end of the room at a distance from the participants so that they cannot observe the brand names on the cosmetics. The products were segmented a lip balms, lipsticks, eyeliners, lipliners, creams, moisturisers, nail polish, perfumes, hair oil. The brands included Lip Balms(Nivea, Pataanjali), petroleum jelly(Vaseline), Lip sticks(Revlon,lakme), eyeliners(local brands, lakme), lipliners(Revlon), creams(Vaseline), nail polish, hair oil(dabur) perfumes(international).
The discussion included the following questions:
1. What is the role of packaging in cosmetics?
2. Do you think packaging is done for the convenience of manufacturers or customers
3. Does colour matter in packaging of cosmetics
4. Why do you think the displayed products have been selected and hand picked by consumers
5. Can you identify the brands from a distance purely by their colour? EXPERIMENT was set in such a manner that participants ould not see the brand name or content but could only identify the cosmetics by the colour, shape and size
6. Does Packaging enhance brand image:
7. What kind of caps should be used for cosmetics
8. Written Content does it affect purchasing of products
9. What are the challenges in packaging

Each questions were discussed with subject expertise and observations by the faculty. The contributions made by each faculty were of utmost relevance since it included genuine opinions , queries and valid arguments.
The session concluded with a summary of observation by two students and finally the experimentation included the chosing of cosmetic from each of the segment arranged on the table.

Oct 20


Empathy and Sympathy are rhyming words. However one should be aware that the meanings may seem similar but both words are different.

The question was raised by a student while I gave a lecture for the subject Managerial Communications. Empathy is the ability to experience the feelings of another person ie putting yourself in another’s shoes whereas sympathy means acknowledging another person’s hardships and providing comfort.

I was wondering how to bring out the difference in both and I realized a simple example might demonstrate the difference:

Suppose you have received 98% aggregate in your Xth standard examination and have topped the CBSE Board Examination in your State. You would be in the seventh heaven of delight and wanted to share this news with your best friend when you realized that your best friend has failed in his CBSE Xth Examinations. If you are a true friend you would be able to empathize with him and would not be in a mood for celebration when you know and feel depressed since your friend is shattered. The feeling that you share with your best friend in this situation is empathy.

A colleague of your’s who scored first class might sympathize with your best friend and might advise him, ” Don’t worry you still have another chance” without having any feelings for your friend. This is sympathy.

If another colleague ignores your best friend and does not acknowledge or address him then it is apathy.


Empathy is a deeper feeling where one tries to help another or solve the problem faced by the other and sympathy is just an acknowledgement of  the problem or situation faced by the other.

Jun 11






Down the memory lane I still remember the ad’s for maggi in doordarshan which showed two hungry children waiting for their mom who shows us how to prepare maggi with a tag line “Fast to cook, Good to eat. I remember how mouth watering maggi looked with the contrast colours of the orange carrot and the green peas in the ad’s with the children in the ad’s slurping the noodle which made it more exciting and that is how maggi became a part of my life.

Maggi noodles became our snacks and slowly we acquired the taste of maggi and sometimes we demanded maggi to be part of our lunch. It was with pride that I announced in class. “Guess what i have for lunch???”…… A dramatic pause ensued and my friends would say rice, roti’s, sandwich etc for which i nodded my head whisking my pony tail right and left indicating a big no and yelled out ” No, it’s Maggi and ketchup”. I loved the envious looks on my friends face. Many of my friends would agree to this. Definitely our generation mom’s ensured that maggi was loaded with all the necessary veggies. Maggi was a tactic for mom’s to make us eat eggs, veggies, meat etc. Different creative minds of mother’s blended to make unique variants of maggi noodles as per their taste and tradition.Maggi became an indispensable packet in many kitchens for generations. Maggi has come up with different variants, like chicken, oats etc etc. However the basic maggi masala became a staple diet for many bachelor’s and a mandatory item in many tea stalls.

I grew up and cherished the moments in my hostel during my post graduation days where we sneaked maggi packets from the nearby stall and whisked out the hidden hot plate in the hostel in Cochin University where we cannot use any electrical devices in our rooms, an era without mobile phones. We made hot water and soaked the noodles and masala for JUST TWO MINUTES and savoured the taste of a spoonful of maggi at midnight. I believe it was a one packet maggi party with five to six hungry souls at midnight.

A corporate life followed and I still remember how we worked late in the night in American Express and took a break in the chilly winters in Gurgaon. We walked in a shroud of mist to the nearest Bhaiji Da Dhaba which was the popular one serving masala tea and paneer maggi with sprinkled chat masala at 11:30 pm. The sheer joy of hot maggi noddles downed in the chilly weather is one that needs to be experienced.

My Maggi cravings have increased recently with the exposure of lead and MSG contents in my favourite brand. There is no alternative for maggi, as far as i know the other brands will have the same contents or even more adulterated. The chinese cuisine in most Indian restaurant is bound to be adulterated too. Considering all the current rumours and facts about Maggi, I felt heavy hearted when I realized that there will be no bright yellow Maggi packets in my house to make my day special in TWO MINUTES in the near future.

May 11






May 06, 2015:

The court on May 06, 2015 found Khan guilty of culpable homicide, since he was driving under the influence of alcohol in a 2002 run-over accident that killed a man sleeping on the pavement. For m Khan is their most visible and expensive ambassador, and his sentencing will force most of them to completely change their advertising plans.

May 08, 2015:

 In a big relief for Salman Khan, the Bombay High Court on Friday granted bail to the Bollywood superstar and suspended his 5-year sentence in the 2002 hit-and-run case.

What is a celebrity endorsement?

form of brand or advertising campaign that involves a well known person using their fame to help promote a product or service

Brands endorsed by Salman Khan:

Salman Khan has an estimated endorsement of 45 crores. He was associated with Limca Soft drink, Hero Honda bikes and Double Bull shirts,  before he entered film Industry.

  • Thums Up in 2002 and replaced by Akshay Kumar  and again signed contract with Thums up
  • Mountain Dewthe contract ended  in December 2010.
  • He has also became the brand ambassadorfor the travel website, com, which also made him a shareholder.
  • Face of the History Channeland the new brand for Suzuki motorcycles,
  • Previously he endorsed Red Tape Shoes
  • Now Endorsing Relaxo Hawai
  • Chlormint, a brand of gum with his brother Sohail Khan.
  • Sangini with Kareena Kapoor
  • Dixcy Scottand tablet BlackBerry Playbook.
  • Tiger biscuits
  • Ranbaxy‘ s Revital replacing Yuvraj Singh
  • Rotomac Pen and SF Sonic Batteries endorsements
  • Now Khan has been roped in as the brand ambassador of Dubai-based fashion label Splash
  • Image eyewear
  • Khan has been signed as the brand ambassador for Astral Poly Technik Ltd, the leading manufacturers of plumbing and drainage systems in the country.

Salman Tops the celebrity endorsement list in Forbes India celebrity list in December 2014

1.Salman Khan Rs 244.50 cr

2. Amitabh Bachchan Rs 196.75 cr

3. Shah Rukh Khan Rs 202.40 cr

4. MS Dhoni Rs 141.80 cr

5. Akshay Kumar Rs 172.00 cr

6. Virat Kohli Rs 58.43 cr

7. Aamir Khan Rs 80.47 cr

8. Deepika Padukone Rs 67.20 cr

9. Hrithik Roshan Rs 85.00 cr

10. Sachin Tendulkar Rs 59.54 cr


Khan’s Strength :

  • Khan established himself in 1989 and the 1990’s with super hits like Maine Pyaar kiya , Hum Aapke Hain Kaun, Karan Arjun, Biwi No: 1, hum Sath Sath Hain, .
  • He achieved greater stardom with action thrillers in 2010’s with action films including Dabangg, BodyGuard, , Ek Tha Tiger, Kick etc and these  had accumulated gross earnings of over 1 billion
  • He is a regular topper of Times Celebex Bollywood Actors
  • He is known for his active humanitarian acts through his charity organization Being Human
  • King of social Media with a fanfare of  7,408,859 on Facebook, 3,188,226 followers on Twitter, 60,567 videos on YouTube, 577,919 followers on Twitter fan clubs, 757,057 fans on Facebook fan clubs and 2,774 followers on Google+.


Khan’s Weakness:

  • Contoversies and Legal troubles
  • Tumultous relationships with different heroines
  • Hunting of Black Buck
  • Negligent car driving case where he ran over five people with his car


Khan endorses more than 10 national brands. He has over 200 crore on him and charges around 4-5 crore daily for endorsements.the major brands includes Thums up, Suzuki, Revital, Yatra.com and Big Boss on Color TV.Economic Times has revealed that most brands endorsed by Salman were looking for ways to limit or withdraw their association soon after he was sentenced in jail for culpable homicide in a 2002 hit and run case. The bail is temporary, however brands might have to withdraw television commercials and outdoor hoardings. Some brands contracts end this year and it is unlikely that they would renew their contract with Khan. However the rest were unavailable for comments.

 Discussion Points:

  1. Do you think Salman Khan’s Brand Endorser’s would terminate his deal?
  2. Who do you think is going to feature Number 1 in the celebrity endorsement list for the year ending 2015?



Apr 25

Living Life to the Lees

The holiday mood reflected around, I could see dragon flies whizzing past and butterflies fluttering around the red and yellow hibiscus flowers. I was just lazing around and staring forlornly at the butterflies, the flowers and the greenery around, I had some work pending and my Internet was down and for me it seemed the world had come to a end without it.
My son suddenly exclaimed, “Mama , A butterfly has come to make you happy”. I looked at him curiously and asked “Now, why would you think I am sad?” He replied, “Coz your face looks so sad.” I never realized that my worries were written on my face so predominantly that kids could easily read my mind. I pondered and wondered why I could not enjoy the moment when the garden around was looking so green with red and yellow hibiscus, a pink rose and a few petunias with dragonflies and butterflies and lazy lizards with glazed eyes pausing and enjoying life. Why should I dampen myself with some technology which did not function on such a great day.I went and joined my son who was happily chasing butterflies for me. I enjoyed the light hearted task of chasing butterflies. The white butterfly had really come to make me happy , Thanks to my son’s philosophy.

These are the flowers and greenery in the backyard where we chased the butterflies, however we could not capture a shot of the butterflies or dragonflies who were not willing to pose for us. I dreaded going near the lizards so I captured the beautiful flora and greenery who were willing to pose for this shot.

Apr 25



A critical evaluation of the subject Strategic Brand Management and the discussions on brands with my students has triggered the creative wire in me in the form of a poem. This poem is just the lighter side of depicting the impact of brands in our daily life.

Floss your teeth with Toothpaste
No, it’s now called Colgate

Wash your face with soap suds,
Ponds or Lux for some bucks

Start your day with coffee
Have a hot Bru or Nescafe

Is there a newspaper to oogle?
Not when you just need to Google

A bygone breakfast with rice flakes
Replaced by Kellog’s Cornflakes

Drink Water to quench your misery
People ask for a bottle of Bisleri

How to converse with someone?
On Nokia, Samsung or IPhone

Shopping for groceries in Bazaar’s
Or hang out in MORE and Big Bazaar

The World cup’s, IPL’s and Festivals so dear
Is mostly celebrated with MTR Kheer or Kingfisher Beer

Where are our friends to chatter?
In Facebook, Skype and Twitter

They ask us, What’s in a name?
We say , Life is nothing but brands, What a shame!

Apr 21



A lot of furor over Net Neutrality! The media was all gaga over net neutrality recently and like every other article which pops up, this one was also in with the wave. In our busy schedule nobody ever gets time to go over the details of trendy phrases that pops up now and then. I just happened to munch and chew over this and thought I might take some time to read, understand and share some basic aspects on Net Neutrality.


My most favorite site Wikipedia’s definition

Net neutrality is the principle that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the Internet equally, not discriminating or charging differentially by user, content, site, platform, application, type of attached equipment, or mode of communication.


The term was coined by Columbia University Media Law professor Tim Wu in 2003.(Didn’t realize it was 12 years old)


  • On March 30, TRAI issued a white paper with objections on web freedom and authority for telecom companies to register services with them.
  • Airtel’s new platform Airtel Zero offering free access to apps but charges applicable for Whatzapp, Smart chat Skype etc.
  • Mark Zuckerberg’s plan to expand Internet access in developing countries wraps itself in philanthropic language while also clearly pursuing Facebook’s interest in expanding the pool of potential Facebook users. One of the ways it does that is through a concept known as zero-rating, where certain services are provided without charge to Internet subscribers.


Save the internet campaign and the popular you tube comedy group All India Backchod  video which raked up 2.5 million users in a week.


Net Neutrality is crucial for small business owners, start-ups and entrepreneurs, who rely on the open Internet to launch their businesses, create a market, advertise their products and services, and distribute products to customers. We need the open Internet to foster job growth, competition and innovation.