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The focus group discussion was conducted at the department of management studies and research centre as part of the research study for the PhD program of Mrs Miriam George , Asst Professor in the Dept of Management and research Centre, CMR Institute Of Technology on September 07, 2015 from 2:00-3:00 pm for the topic “The Power of Package Visuals and Haptics: The effect on Brand Preferences and Brand Evaluation (A cross sectional study of FMCG products in Bangalore City)”.
The focus group included faculty of the department of MBA, CMR Group of Institutions. It included a two way focus group since other than the faculty the observers were MBA 3rd semester students whose role was to observe the entire discussion and come to the conclusion based on the discussion points. The discussion also included a display of cosmetic products at the end of the room at a distance from the participants so that they cannot observe the brand names on the cosmetics. The products were segmented a lip balms, lipsticks, eyeliners, lipliners, creams, moisturisers, nail polish, perfumes, hair oil. The brands included Lip Balms(Nivea, Pataanjali), petroleum jelly(Vaseline), Lip sticks(Revlon,lakme), eyeliners(local brands, lakme), lipliners(Revlon), creams(Vaseline), nail polish, hair oil(dabur) perfumes(international).
The discussion included the following questions:
1. What is the role of packaging in cosmetics?
2. Do you think packaging is done for the convenience of manufacturers or customers
3. Does colour matter in packaging of cosmetics
4. Why do you think the displayed products have been selected and hand picked by consumers
5. Can you identify the brands from a distance purely by their colour? EXPERIMENT was set in such a manner that participants ould not see the brand name or content but could only identify the cosmetics by the colour, shape and size
6. Does Packaging enhance brand image:
7. What kind of caps should be used for cosmetics
8. Written Content does it affect purchasing of products
9. What are the challenges in packaging

Each questions were discussed with subject expertise and observations by the faculty. The contributions made by each faculty were of utmost relevance since it included genuine opinions , queries and valid arguments.
The session concluded with a summary of observation by two students and finally the experimentation included the chosing of cosmetic from each of the segment arranged on the table.

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