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Jan 17

Cafe Hesed-NewMarket Ontario

Away from the maddening crowd on New Year’s Eve , We went for a leisurely drive towards Alongquin Park. We were in search of a cafe where we could relax and enjoy the ambience and experience some local and cross cultural culinary delights. Cafe Hesed serves both Western and Korean cuisine with Bulgogi, Bibimap, Ramen …

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Sep 04


Dust to Dust is my destiny None bother about my identity Trampled by souls I enlightened The blackness which I whitened I reminisced my glorious past Unacknowledged till the last Handpicked for a noble task Alas, No one cared to ask Armour, I pose as a tutor’s sword Ardour, I am a blackboard bard My …

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Jul 24

Power Presentation skills

Power Point Presentation from Miriam George

Feb 03


FOCUS GROUP DISCUSSION AND EXPERIMENTATION MODERATED BY MIRIAM GEORGE ON “PACKAGING OF COSMETICS”: The focus group discussion was conducted at the department of management studies and research centre as part of the research study for the PhD program of Mrs Miriam George , Asst Professor in the Dept of Management and research Centre, CMR Institute …

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Oct 20


Empathy and Sympathy are rhyming words. However one should be aware that the meanings may seem similar but both words are different. The question was raised by a student while I gave a lecture for the subject Managerial Communications. Empathy is the ability to experience the feelings of another person ie putting yourself in another’s …

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Jun 11


Down the memory lane I still remember the ad’s for maggi in doordarshan which showed two hungry children waiting for their mom who shows us how to prepare maggi with a tag line “Fast to cook, Good to eat. I remember how mouth watering maggi looked with the contrast colours of the orange carrot and …

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May 11


    CELEBRITY ENDORSEMENTS OF SALMAN KHAN May 06, 2015: The court on May 06, 2015 found Khan guilty of culpable homicide, since he was driving under the influence of alcohol in a 2002 run-over accident that killed a man sleeping on the pavement. For m Khan is their most visible and expensive ambassador, and …

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Apr 25

Living Life to the Lees

The holiday mood reflected around, I could see dragon flies whizzing past and butterflies fluttering around the red and yellow hibiscus flowers. I was just lazing around and staring forlornly at the butterflies, the flowers and the greenery around, I had some work pending and my Internet was down and for me it seemed the …

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Apr 25


  A critical evaluation of the subject Strategic Brand Management and the discussions on brands with my students has triggered the creative wire in me in the form of a poem. This poem is just the lighter side of depicting the impact of brands in our daily life. Floss your teeth with Toothpaste No, it’s …

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Apr 21


  A lot of furor over Net Neutrality! The media was all gaga over net neutrality recently and like every other article which pops up, this one was also in with the wave. In our busy schedule nobody ever gets time to go over the details of trendy phrases that pops up now and then. …

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