Jan 17

Cafe Hesed-NewMarket Ontario

Away from the maddening crowd on New Year’s Eve , We went for a leisurely drive towards Alongquin Park. We were in search of a cafe where we could relax and enjoy the ambience and experience some local and cross cultural culinary delights.

Cafe Hesed serves both Western and Korean cuisine with Bulgogi, Bibimap, Ramen and Kimchi Salad, it also offers hot chocolate, coffees, sandwich, bagels and soup.













Cafe Hesed Menu, a confluence of east and west. Bulgogi is a Korean dish of thin beef slices, marinated and grilled on a barbecue Bibimap is a bowl of white rice served with seasoned vegetables with raw or fried egg and sliced meat as accompaniment.



The charming and serene locality , 247 Main St S, New Market, Ontario, where this cafe is located.
A cozy and casual cafe with a homely ambience, I loved the lighting, the interiors with potted plants and decor which was simple and had a class of it’s own. The heartwarming interiors for an ideal getaway from any hustle and bustle.
The host and proprietor Joseph Chan with his guests. Mr.Chan has been running this cafe for over 11 years in the prime locality of New Market.
 Sandwiches, Salads, Panini, Bagels, Coffee, Bulgogi, Bibimap,Ramen and it goes on.
Slurping Hot Chocolate vs Sipping Espresso
Hesed” is a Hebrew word thoughtfully chosen for this cafe.
A Musical Affair to Muse with a Coffee in a Cafe during weekends.

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