In the 1990s, real estate prices in Japan declined, prompting many foreign retailers to enter the country. Wal-Mart started exploring the Japanese market in 1997. Other major foreign retailers Costco and Carrefour entered the Japanese market in 1998 and 1999 respectively Costco and Carrefour entered Japan without a local partner and faced difficulties from the very beginning. This convinced Wal-Mart that it should partner with a Japanese company so as to enable it to understand the peculiarities of the Japanese market.


  1. Discuss in what ways can Walmart enter the Japanese Market.
  2. What are the important parameters to be taken care of in retailing

Case Author: Miriam George


An Indian researcher in an international market has to collect primary data from      Germany, China &Tanzania. What problems would he be facing?




Nivea publishes an advertisement that draws widespread criticism in online and social media as being racist The advertisement depicts a black man of African origin dressed in ‘preppy’ American style, with a short haircut and clean shaven face, apparently holding his own severed head which has an unkempt afro hairstyle and ungroomed facial hair. The tagline reads “Re-civilize yourself” and the man appears to be about to vigorously throw away his so-called uncivilized self. It appears as part of a campaign where other images showing white men do not use the word ‘re-civilize’. The advertisement is criticized as being racist towards African-Americans, as it is interpreted as implying that they are uncivilized people.


  1. Explain how this advertisement can affect Nivea’s brand image 5 Marks
  2. How would Nivea reposition its brand after allegations of being a racist 5 Mark

Case Author: Miriam George


A practical oriented assignment related to Sales Management (Characteristics of a Good Sales Personnel)

The student is to approach any kirana store/convenience store/fast food outlet/any branded store room in the pretext of buying any item.The student has to observe the sales personnel on the following parameters.(Hypercity/McDonald’s/Chef Baker’s/Sansar/TacoBell/Street Vendors

** No one word answers. Please describe the experience and your observations in each answer.

  1. Does the sales person welcome you/greet you/takes the first initiative to address you
  2. Does the sales person have a pleasing personality?
  3. Is he/she able to understand/comprehend your need?
  4. Is he/she able to guide you/direct you/or get the correct product for you?
  5. Does the sales personnel indicate any impatience/unwillingness to help you?
  6. Is he able to justify his behavior as a true sales person throughout the whole deal ?
  7. Does he close the sale as per your expectation?
  8. Does he ask for any further requirements of yours to be of assistance?
  9. Is he/she a good listener?
  10. Is he/she a good negotiator?
  11. Does he/she have a pleasing voice?
  12. Is he/she a good observer?
  13. Does he/she have good persuasion skills?
  14. Does he/she adopt any creative techniques while making sales
  15. Is he/she a natural salesman?

How do you think the sales personnel can improve his /her performance to improve the sales interaction? Suggest some measures.

Case Author: Miriam George


You were recently promoted to sales manager of one of your company’s most productive regions. After several weeks on the job, you are becoming concerned about Brad, one of your veteran salespeople. Although he is quite successful as a salesperson, Brad seems to have a problem dealing with time. On several occasions, you have received reports from him that read, “Chicago Monday, Detroit Tuesday, Chicago Wednesday.” Moreover, his paperwork is late – if he turns it in at all. When you question Brad about these issues, he replies, “I just want to hit the road and sell. I don’t have time for all this paperwork! Plus, I’ve always had the impression that it’s sales volume that counts with this company. In sixteen years with the company, I’ve always surpassed my quota!”

Prepare a 1-page memo explaining to Brad why his behaviour is unacceptable, how it is affecting other salespeople, and suggesting three (3) ways he can be more productive.


  1. Explain the various factors influencing the salesperson while modifying the sales

territory. (2011), (2008)

  1. Describing the methods of setting sales quota. (2011),
  2. How is net profit margin quota determined? (2011)
  3. What is work load approach? How it help manager in building a territory? (2011)
  4. Explain the strategies should sales manager follow to reducing the conflict in a

selling situation. (2011)

  1. Explain the methods used in training programs. (2011), (2008)
  2. Describing the types of sales quota. (2006), (2008)
  3. What are the sources for recruiting sale force? (2006), (2008)
  4. Describe the technique used in sales forecasting with suitable examples. (2006),


  1. As a sales manager for a cell phone company, explain the ideas for designing sales

territory. (2006)

  1. “Money is the main motive for the sales person”-Discuss with Example. (2006)
  2. What do you mean by sales quota? (2008)
  3. Define and explain the sales territory. (2008)

You have just finished a series of interviews with a person who you feel is an excellent candidate for your firm’s open sales position. She has a 3.4 grade point average and a marketing degree. The candidate has excellent communication skills, held a part-time sales job throughout college to help pay for school, and was an officer in the sales fraternity on campus. She will definitely make a great entry-level salesperson at your company. Your only concern is that another company will offer her a job before you do! Before the candidate is offered a job, your company requires that a few of the applicant’s references be checked. During the process, you discover that your ideal candidate lied on her resume and application. She was never an officer in the sales fraternity; she was only a member.

a. Given the difficulty in finding excellent candidates, what do you do with this person?

b. Would your decision change if you also find out this candidate has several speeding tickets?


  1. If you were the sales manager of a computer firm, which personality traits will you give weight age while selecting a salesperson

2.Why is it that consultative style of selling is considered to be superior to other selling approaches. Are there any sales situations where other approaches can be used?

  1. A company decides to improve its relationship with customers. What steps should it take to improve its relationship?
  2. Discuss the role of a sales manager in a consumer durable, consumer non durable and service industry
  3. Sales people need to be continuously developed in order to make them competitively fit. If you were the sales manager of a leading consumer product company how would you like to make the sales training programs effective and result oriented. The sales manager of a company often wondered if he had the right number of sales people. In a recent review of operations, he came under severe criticism for not being able to penetrate various market segments. He was told he was understaffed and he was asked whether each sales person had adequate workload and whether the sales territory was designed appropriately. . Sales force service 6000 dealers nationally , of these 20 % were A category, 20% to B Category and the rest to C category. On the whole there were 10000 dealers servicing the industry, of which 20% were to A category 205 to B and the rest to C. the salesmen made 10 calls per day as given below
  4. A category twice a week
  5. B Category once a week
  6. C Category once a month.

For up country market the norms were as follows: All A & B category customers were visited once a fortnight and all c category once a month. 40 % of dealers operated in the branch headquarters and the balance in the up market country markets. In 2004-2005 the sales manager had 300 working days. the total number of sales personnel he had were 60. Comment on whether the sales manager is understaffed. Discuss the various alternatives for determining the number of personnel required by the company

  1. .What factors would you consider in designing the sales territory for a new processed food company
  2. When would you like to redesign the territory? Compensation plays a key role in motivating the sales force. Discuss the role of monetary and non monetary factors in motivating a sale force.
  3. What is a sales quota? What are the different quotas a sales manager can use. Discuss the merits and demerits of the quota system and also that of the involving dealers and the sales team in its determination.


6.Fizzy is a non-cola lemon and mild spice flavoured non-alcoholic beverage launched in MP by a new company Bundelkhand Foods Private Limited, Gwalior. The drink has a new lemony tangy taste and was well received in taste test carried out on sample customers. It’s now launched in two variants – ginger lemon and mint. Trials conducted with college students found very favourable response and thus this prompted the promoter to set up a large bottling plant near Tumkur.

Fizzy management doesn’t want to take on the cola majors like Coke and Pepsi in a headlong manner. So they opt for concentrated marketing strategy and targeted the retailers in and around major schools, boarding houses and engineering colleges in Bundelkhand region. Advertisements were released in Jhansi TOI edition and Hindi vernacular papers. After the initial launch advertisement campaign, the plan was to reduce spend on advertisements and allocate more resources to promos-particularly in or around the colleges and schools. Accordingly a large collection of cloth banners, posters and backlit standees were distributed to retailers in and around campus areas. Hoardings were put up at key locations in college areas. When the sales manager visited these retailers, he was disappointed to find that most of the promotional material dispatched to them was lying unpacked at many places. Even when they were displayed, these were in a non-visible area or partially covered or sometimes even in tatters.Fizzy replaced the tattered banners and torn posters but again within a week it was found that these were in a poor condition on account of poor handling by many retailers.


  1. Please suggest how Fizzy retailers can be guided and motivated to effectively display Zing promotional material.
  2. Give 3 ideas to Fizzy sales management for increasing sales to students.
  3. What are the other promotion means which Fizzy should consider for their target market of Buldelkhand based education institutes.
  1. How are products displayed in retail stores – give 5 specific types of displays.
  2. Efficient SCM eventually and indirectly benefits end customers- how ? explain.
  3. What are the various ways of evaluating a salesman’s performance? Explain various types.
  4. How does a company tackle wide variation in seasonal demand- for example for woolens and cold drinks?
  5. Name some modern techniques used in sales force training?
  6. Explain the various steps in sales budgeting.
  7. How can a business firm
  8. Explain the following concepts:
  9. Retail marketing strategy
  10. CRM in retailing
  11. Store VS on-store retailing
  12. Circulation plan
  13. Grid layout
  14. Pratap kapoor’s wild dinning format is unique and one of its kind in Mumbai. Advertised as a jungle theme restaurant, it is named as “sher Baugh.” Wild dinning is more of an amusement park then dining space with all the facilities, which can delight a family. It delivers its promises through robotic animals and a simulated thunderstorm, features that would delight children. It gives the feeling of living in the wild for the urbanites and gives them a break from the typical fancy restaurants.Mr. Pratap was planning to convert his venture into a franchise format with opening of outlet in all the metro cities in India. However, he is not sure of the sale ability of this kind of retail format in the Indian context. This critic of his venture says that for adults who put the food over the experience of eating in an artificial jungle the wild dining restaurant is not all that fun. In addition, the cost incurred in setting up the format is a point of concern.
  15. a) What is wild dining offering and target market
  16. b) According to you will this kind of theme based dining format succeed in the Indian context? Why? Explain with relevant examples.
  17. c) Many retailers have tried to make their store entertaining. What are the pros and cons of proving entertainment in the retail store or restaurant?                                                                                                10. Explain the strategic retail planning in detail
  18. What are the factors that have contributed to the rise of retail in India ? explain the challenge that global retail will face in India?
  19. What is merchandise? Explain the factors necessary for sales forecasting?
  20. What are the factors that the retailers need to take into account while choosing a location for a retail store
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