Apr 25

Living Life to the Lees

The holiday mood reflected around, I could see dragon flies whizzing past and butterflies fluttering around the red and yellow hibiscus flowers. I was just lazing around and staring forlornly at the butterflies, the flowers and the greenery around, I had some work pending and my Internet was down and for me it seemed the world had come to a end without it.
My son suddenly exclaimed, “Mama , A butterfly has come to make you happy”. I looked at him curiously and asked “Now, why would you think I am sad?” He replied, “Coz your face looks so sad.” I never realized that my worries were written on my face so predominantly that kids could easily read my mind. I pondered and wondered why I could not enjoy the moment when the garden around was looking so green with red and yellow hibiscus, a pink rose and a few petunias with dragonflies and butterflies and lazy lizards with glazed eyes pausing and enjoying life. Why should I dampen myself with some technology which did not function on such a great day.I went and joined my son who was happily chasing butterflies for me. I enjoyed the light hearted task of chasing butterflies. The white butterfly had really come to make me happy , Thanks to my son’s philosophy.

These are the flowers and greenery in the backyard where we chased the butterflies, however we could not capture a shot of the butterflies or dragonflies who were not willing to pose for us. I dreaded going near the lizards so I captured the beautiful flora and greenery who were willing to pose for this shot.

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