Apr 25



A critical evaluation of the subject Strategic Brand Management and the discussions on brands with my students has triggered the creative wire in me in the form of a poem. This poem is just the lighter side of depicting the impact of brands in our daily life.

Floss your teeth with Toothpaste
No, it’s now called Colgate

Wash your face with soap suds,
Ponds or Lux for some bucks

Start your day with coffee
Have a hot Bru or Nescafe

Is there a newspaper to oogle?
Not when you just need to Google

A bygone breakfast with rice flakes
Replaced by Kellog’s Cornflakes

Drink Water to quench your misery
People ask for a bottle of Bisleri

How to converse with someone?
On Nokia, Samsung or IPhone

Shopping for groceries in Bazaar’s
Or hang out in MORE and Big Bazaar

The World cup’s, IPL’s and Festivals so dear
Is mostly celebrated with MTR Kheer or Kingfisher Beer

Where are our friends to chatter?
In Facebook, Skype and Twitter

They ask us, What’s in a name?
We say , Life is nothing but brands, What a shame!

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